Data Conversion

eBookinfotech provides comprehensive document conversion services, customizing as per clients’ requirements. We can convert documents in any format including XML, XGML, HTML / XHTML, PDF and many more. Further, we have stringent quality check processes to ensure accuracy.

Our document conversion services include:

  • PDF Conversion
  • SGML / XML Conversion
  • HTML / X-HTML Conversion

PDF Conversion

eBookinfotech has been an undoubted leader so far in the field of document industry with the most advanced paper to electronic document services available. It brings flexibility and a range of options in PDF Conversion for Brochures, news letters, magazines, books, articles, manuals, web publications and much more.

In PDF Conversion we rely on:

  • Quality control of every image
  • Our files are consistent as well as small.
  • Our PDF files are optimized for target applications, with critical fonts as applicable and image interactivity
  • eBookinfotech has the nag of delivering its Projects, especially the PDF ones on exact time and with accuracy.

SGML / XML Conversion

eBookinfotech is the best choice for your SGML encoding projects. We offer best-in-quality and a fast turn-around time with our vast experience of handling different types of data entry and data conversion projects. Our R&D division is working constantly to provide customized and efficient solution for any SGML coding requirements.

We convert SGML from input sources as listed below:

  • Word to SGML/XML
  • Hard copy to SGML/XML

Beside these services, we also provide SGML conversion services from hard copies like: Books, Paper documents, Catalogs, Magazines, Manuscripts, Any type of Images like JPG, TIF or BMP, Microfilms and Microfiches. We also support conversion of Quark and In Design files to SGML.

HTML / X-HTML Conversion

eBookinfotech has vast experience of completing various data conversion projects and our professionals are ready to handle any volume and challenges.

We can handle any input format to convert into HTML / XHTML format. Our data conversion experts are able to provide you customized HTML / XHTML coding services, with conversion of your content in to HTML / XHTML files, you can publish it online and get global coverage. We can help you to capture more business across the world by publishing your marketing material on the internet.

We provides HTML / XHTML conversion services from many formats as listed below:

  • PDF to HTML / XHTML conversion
  • Text to HTML / XHTML conversion
  • Word to HTML / XHTML conversion
  • XML to HTML / XHTML conversion
  • PSD to HTML / XHTML conversion