We have expertise of providing content for various platforms such as websites, apps or e-book on systems like Kindle, iPad, Sony Reader.
We are a digital publishing company with experience in ebook creation. We have proven record of leadership as well as project management, with focus on providing applications and software. We have the ability to tab newer technologies to provide E-publication to HTML5 web app development.

The following are some of the focus area:

  • Front end coding standards defined in a phased manner
  • Providing structured CSS as well as HTML for controlling web page elements
  • Developing quality templates provided by translating wireframes & prototypes
  • Preparing website elements like the page layout templates, navigation tools, form elements, graphical elements and color schemes to make user friendly websites
  • Providing primary liaison for UI design team as well as helping define style standards for using it as a best practice within the team
  • Conducting code and design reviews for ensuring adherence to the standard set
  • Exploring web design techniques or technologies for giving the best UI
  • Providing site objectives for user requirements

Specialties Include:

  • Creating ebooks, EPUB, EPUB 3
  • Providing interactive textbook content for navigating through multiple platforms
  • Digital Publishing - Books, Magazines, eBooks and Newspapers
  • Typesetting & Indexing and Digitization
  • OCR/Proof reading
  • HTML & XML conversion
  • Read along eBooks creation
  • Creating PDF's in web ready format
  • Application Development
  • Web Hosting & Development